Evelyn Mok – Acting reel from 42 on Vimeo.



2020 Sky Atlantic (Bad Wolf) I Hate Suzie Kerri

A female celebrity has her whole life upended when her phone is hacked and a photo of her emerges in an extremely compromising position.

Starring Billie Piper, Leila Farzad, Daniel Ings and more. Directed by Jon Watts.
2019 Sitcom SVT (Sveriges Television) (French Quarter Film) Kurs i Självutplåning (Course in Self-Annihilation) Maria (Lead)

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same title, the series follows a young woman, Maria, who enrolls in a summer camp for clowns to find new friends and get away from her hectic life but quickly gets subjected to bullying.

Co-stars Jonatan Unge, Pelle Hanaeus, Karin Franz Körlof and more. Variety write-up. Directed by Isabella Rodriguez.
2019 Feature Film (Roseline, Marvel) Spiderman: Far from Home Queens Reporter (principal)

Peter Parker goes on a school trip to Europe with his friends. While abroad, he is recruited by Nick Fury to team up with Mysterio to battle the Elementals. One line as Queens Reporter.

Starring Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson and more. Directed by Jon Watts.
2019 Feature Film (Western Edge Pictures, Ffilm Cymru Wales) The Toll Dixie (supporting)

A darkly-comic thriller about a lone toll-booth operator with a past that is fast catching up with him.

Starring Michael Smiley, Paul Kaye, Annes Elwys, Iwan Rheon, Julian Glover, Darren Evans and more. Directed by Ryan Andrew Hooper.
2018 Swedish National Television (SVT) (Anagram) Sagan om Dilan och Moa The therapist

Dilan and Moa are two 20-somethings trying to navigate through work, relationships and life in general in Sweden’s third largest city.

Written and starring Dilan Apak and Moa Lundquist. Directed by Sissela Benn.
2018 Sky (Various Artists) Sally4Ever Angela

Sally, a soon-to-be promoted marketer who, for 10 years, has lived a comfortable and dull suburban life with David. But on the night he asks her to marry him, Sally has a crisis and embarks on a wild affair with Emma, a seductive, charismatic, boho actress, singer, musician, poet and author. Before Sally knows it, Emma has moved in, rearranged the furniture and her life. Is this really what Sally wants, or has she made a mistake?

Starring: Julia Davis, Julian Barratt, Catherine Shepherd, Alex Macqueen, Felicity Montagu, Joanna Scanlan, Mark Gatiss.

Directed by Julia Davis.
2018 Sky (What Larks) The Reluctant Landlord Ruth

Much to his annoyance Romesh is left running the local pub after his mischievous father left it to him in his will. He has never wanted to be a landlord, but his mum feels it is the only way to keep his dad’s legacy alive, and his wife and kids are having a ball there. This semi-autobiographical sitcom follows Romesh’s misadventures as he tries to offload the pub he doesn’t want, while his family use any amount of emotional blackmail to keep him at the heart of the place.

Starring: Romesh Ranganathan, Sian Gibson, Nick Helm, Marek Larwood, Yasmine Akram.

Directed by David Sant.
2018 Channel 4 (Kudos) Furious Andrew Charlie
Set in a heightened dystopian parallel universe “5 minutes from now”, Furious Andrew mixes 70’s Samurai exploitation movies, buddy comedies, and 80s action romps, grounded in a (mostly) recognisable contemporary British backdrop.
Starring: Rhys Darby, Claudia Jessie, Nick Mohammed, Tash Demetriou, Hammed Animashaun, Evelyn Mok. Written & Directed by: Jamie Jay Johnson.
2017 SKY Arts (Merman) Andi Osho’s Twin Thing Robin Kehinde and Taiwo are identical twins but chalk and cheese in every other respect. As historian Kehinde launches her guided tour, actress Taiwo seems determined to jeopardise its accuracy by vamping up the scare factor. Starring: Andi Osho, Evelyn Mok, Jackie Clune, Brendan Murphy. Directed by: Kate Herron
2017 SVT Humor (Art89) Skitlycklig (Sweden) Carola Linn has been with her boyfriend since high school. Eight years now. It’s good, comfortable, nice. She likes her life, even though it can be a bit mundane at times. When Vincent suddenly dumps her, Linn’s care-free spirit is put to the test. Aired on the Swedish Broadcasting Network’s online comedy site. Directed by Sara Young.
2017 BBC Three (BBC Inhouse) Big Field Actor (Various) BBC Three (online) sketch show parodying TV shows. 17 episodes (2 series), 2015 – 2017.Starring: Alison Ward, Tony Way, Evelyn Mok, Richard David-Caine, Liam Hourican and others. Directed by Darren Dutton.
2016 Swedish National Television (SVT) (Thelma/Louise) Juicebaren Annoying customer in juicebar A show about being a young adult in Stockholm. Directed by Caroline Ringskog.
2016 BBC 3 Comedy Feeds (Gogglebox Entertainment) A Brief History of Tim Ava A humorous take on what life is like for a comedian living with Cerebral Palsy.Starring: Tim Renkow, Richard Elis, Evelyn Mok, Abby Murphy and more. Directed by: Jamie Adams
2015 Channel 4 Comedy Blaps (Tiger Aspect) Sam Simmons Wallstud (Ep 3. Spincycle) Svanka Sam Simmons is a Wallstud..he divides the room. He is not good at people, he has a weird looking head, his paranoid fantasies clutter the gutters of his mind and he doesn’t look good in jeans. Wallstud is like a full running jump inside his stupid brain. Starring: Sam Simmons and Evelyn Mok. Directed by Richard Pengelley.
2013 National Commercial (FLX) Coop Supermarket Chain (Sweden) Lead (Speaking) National commercial for swedish supermarket chain Coop.
2013 Swedish National Radio’s comedy channel (SR P3) Christer i P3 (Sweden) Recurring panelist The most popular afternoon radio show, Christer i P3’s most popular segment is the Comedy Panel where listeners phone in and answer simple questions posed by the comedian-panelists to then get a detailed, often comedic, characterisation of themselves presented back.
2012 Swedish National Radio’s comedy channel (SR P3) KUL. (Sweden) Actor / Writer (Various) A two part sketch show, developed for the Swedish National Radio’s comedy channel, featuring different sketches.(Similar to a BBC Radio 4 series.)
2012 Kanal 5 (Great Works) Telefonpiraterna (Sweden) Actor / Writer (Various) Swedish version of prankshow ‘Fonejacker’ / ‘Crank Jankers’.
2010 SVT Humor (Tre Vänner) Evelyns Videblogg (Sweden) Evelyn (Actor / Writer) Based on a comedy character of Evelyn’s, she created, wrote and starred in a 10-part webseries for the Swedish National Broadcasting Network’s Online Comedy Channel.Equivalent to Channel 4’s Comedy Blaps and BBC Comedy Feeds.

2019 Channel 5 (Spelthorne Community TV) Outrageous Comedy Self / talking head

Clip-show discussing the genius of outrageous comedy.

Episodes: Sex, Women, Religion, Politics.
2018 BBC Wales (Rubber Chicken) The Leak Panelist

Tom Price and guests review the week’s biggest stories, from around Wales and the world.

2018 BBC Wales (Little Wander / Turtle Canyon) Stand-Up at BBC Wales / Stand-Up from Radio Wales Stand-Up

Kiri Pritchard McLean showcases some of the best UK and Welsh stand-up comedy talent. Tonight’s programme features performances from Matt Rees, Lou Sanders, Tudur Owens, Evelyn Mok, and Angela Barnes.

Espisode two.
2018 Swedish Broadcasting Network (Brommamamma) Tror du jag ljuger? (Sweden) Panelist Swedish version of ‘Would I Lie to You’.
2018 BBC Wales (Little Wander / Turtle Canyon) Stand-Up at BBC Wales / Stand-Up from Radio Wales Stand-Up

Kiri Pritchard McLean showcases some of the best UK and Welsh stand-up comedy talent. Tonight’s programme features performances from Matt Rees, Lou Sanders, Tudur Owens, Evelyn Mok, and Angela Barnes.

Espisode two.
2018 BBC Radio 2 (Expectation Entertainment) Josh Widdicombe Will Make Your Life Better (Pilot) Panelist Comedy show where Britain’s best comedians and celebrities examine frustrations with their own inadequate lives to come up with life hacks, innovations, inventions and all manner of hair brained ideas all with the purpose of helping you. Every hack will be rigorously tested, demonstrated and ruthlessly critiqued as Josh works out whether his guests’ ideas represent true eureka moments that will change the world for the better, or are laughably poor suggestions with a good idea lurking within, or simply utter guff.Hosted by Josh Widdicombe, with Harry Hill, Fay Ripley and Evelyn Mok.
2017 Comedy Central UK (Avalon) Chris Ramsay’s Stand Up Central Stand-up Chris Ramsey hosts a night of comedy in front of a live audience at The Electric Ballroom with performances from special guests.
2017 DAVE (North One) Eat Your Heart Out with Nick Helm Self Award-winning comic actor and stand-up, and the star of hit sitcom Uncle, Nick Helm sets out on a highly personal culinary journey around the UK and Europe in this brand-new UKTV Original.
2017 Comedy Central Nordics (Storyline) Comedy Central Confessions Stand-Up Comedy Central Swden’s new Stand-Up series, showcasing the country’s best stand-ups.
2017 RTUK (Studio Sixty Billion) Sam Delaney’s News Thing Panelist With a flimsy grasp of the facts, but an iron grip on the chat, News Thing brings you the news that matters and the opinions that don’t. Each weekly episode features a panel of top comedians, a clever political and a load of other stuff to keep you abreast of all the big issues. News Thing looks the news dead in the face, pulls its trousers down, and makes fun of its underpants in front of the whole
2017 BBC Radio 4 (BBC Inhouse) Woman’s Hour Self Woman’s Hour is a radio magazine programme discussing women’s issues, broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Featured in the series ‘You’ve got to Laugh’, documenting the journeys of three female comedians, utilising personal stories in their Fringe shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017.
2016 Comedy Central Nordics (Kelly & Pling) Inside Amy Schumer, promotional shorts Self Filmed vox pops as ’The Swedish Amy Schumer’ (Comedy Central) together with Comedy Central Sweden for promotional purposes in anticipation of season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer.
2014 Youtube (Turtle Canyon) Totally Trented Stooge David Trent fills the streets of London with pranks. Starring: David Trent, Nick Helm, John Kearns, Evelyn Mok and more.
2014 London Live Not the One Show Panelist An irreverent, inquisitive and unpredictable view of the day.
2014 TV 3 Sweden (Jarowskij) Hårdvinklat Panelist A hard hitting panel show satirising current events.(Swedish version of Have I Got News for You)
2014 BBC Radio Wales (Rubber Chicken) The Loser’s World Cup Panelist 3-part panel show for BBC Radio Wales, where comedians from different parts of the world compete fir the Loser’s World Cup.
2014 BBC Radio 4 BBC New Comedy Awards (Heat) Stand-Up (Winner) A nationwide search to find the best new stand-up talent in the UK.
2013 Swedish National Radio’s comedy channel (SR P3) Tankesmedjan (Sweden) Guest panelist Sweden’s longest running satrical panel show presented in a round table format, satirising current events.(Swedish equivalent of BBC’s Newsjack)
2011 Swedish National Radio’s comedy channel (SR P3) Podden till Framgång (Sweden) Co-host / Writer A podcast series featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs and comedians discussing the definition of success in a humorous fashion.