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The Comedy Reserve at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is starting this week and I will be up the whole month performing as part of the wonderful Comedy Reserve Showcase at the Pleasance Theatre.

I share the stage with Brennan Reese, Chris Betts and Phil Jerrod.

We are on every night during the fringe (except 11th and 18th) at the Pleasance Dome in the Jackdome at 9:30pm.

I hope to see you all there!

The Loser’s World Cup on BBC Radio Wales – Semifinal (Ep. 1)

I represent Sweden in the BBC Radio Wales’ Panel Show The Loser’s World Cup! It’s the BBC Radio Wale’s World Cup panel show.

It is basically me slagging off my beloved flat pack-loving, socialist haven homeland for points handed out by Nick Hancock. In this this semifinals-episode, I’m up against Stuart Mitchell (Scotland), Yasmine Akram (Ireland) and Frank Honeybone (Wales).

Have a listen here!

SWEDEN: Bråvalla Festival 2014!


Jag är glad att kunna berätta att jag kommer att medverka på årets Bråvalla Festival! Jag uppträder den 27 juni i stand-up tältet, samma dag som bandet BASTILLE, ett av mina favoritband just nu. Jag kommer att spendera all min offstage-tid till att vistas backstage och titta på dem när de gör diverse saker, som till exempel att äta. Vi ses där!!


Eng: I am performing at the Swedish BrÃ¥valla festival 27 june THE SAME DAY AS BASTILLE. I will be spending all of my offstage time being backstage, watching them eat stuff. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT!

The Comedy Reserve 2014!!


It’s official!! I will be part of the Pleansance Theatre’s Comedy Reserve this year alongside amazing acts, Chris Betts, Phil Jerrod and Brennan Reece!! I am so excited!

Previous comics who have been part of the Reserve have been Jack Whitehall, Daniel Simonsen, Joe Lycett and Doc Brown. It’s definitely filling some big “laughs” (see what I did there) and I will have so much fun trying!

So you have the whole of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to come and see me poke fun of my whooha for the cheap validation of laughs from strangers. See you there!

Time Out Introduces in the Magazine!


The Time Out Introduces is out folks! It’s being distributed by tube stations all over London so get yourself and copy and have a nice read on the tube and then when you get off you can just leave it on your seat for the next person.

(P.S. I’m on page 74)